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Andy Xiao Love this album. Each song is just positively brimming with life, personality and charm. There's not a single track I dislike, and that's no easy feat for an album to accomplish. I'd highly recommend buying this album if you're into electronic music. Favorite track: Life.
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A collection of tracks I've made since 2012 up to now. Some have minor tweaks, some very major, and some not touched. It's my gift for my followers, everything in one formal place.


released October 31, 2013

Gcio - Album Art
stab something - my universal (feat. easy girl)
Somasis - These Eyelids Won't Open Themselves




Decibelle Massachusetts

Cute, cool, chill. Also trans and rad.

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Track Name: stab something - my universal (feat. easy girl) (Decibelle Remix)
Right channel.
Left channel.
Starting from...

Welcome to a whole new universe
Verbally rehearsed, verbally delivered
Give or take a given to your worst, done
Two to one, one to ninety nine
Fine by me, rhapsody free run, upwind, rhyme fine
Mind the bit when the rhythm back bends
Measuring your differences
Hold the phone again now and then, little bit
How can you begin with this?
You're cutting out the s'es because you can’t handle sibilance

It's commonly uncommon? Seriously? Who’d a guessed?
I’m kinda mostly sorta vaguely very superbest
I’m an underwritten undersigned undersized
Side character inside my own byline
My life story, it’s a given being in this case
Intermittently materially, wasted,
Paced by an editor who may have done
Only what his friends would do
Surrealistically ethereal, unethical, true, it’s true

Are you sure of what you’re hearing?
Music’s as alive as you,
It has a life and a rhythm and
An evolution, through
Which it grows and changes
Think about it, how do you know that the music’s not hearing you?

Take a look at the painting
Where does the frame start?
Where’s the canvas end?
Can you take the two apart?
Cut back, restart
I’m a double dutch jam inside of your heart
A perspicacious perp, perpetrating words
Mashing language into syrup, sublimate it into a flu bird
A hundred and fifty, seventy nine percent pure
If words are a disease, then rhythm is the cure

One, take a memory you like
Two, remove all the fun
Three, replace it with fire,
Then go back to one

Bang, bang, bang! (This is my universal)
Bang, bang, bang! (This is my life)
Bang, bang, bang! (I’m up in the air)
Bang, bang, bang! (I’m under the knife)

I’m not as strict about the meanings
Betweening me and you as you
It’s a mystery we can leave for someone else to do
Like a someone, panting on the street, begging for food
I mean, come on! The dude clearly wishes he was Scooby-Doo!
Who are you? Where are we, believe that we meet cuteishly,
Brutishly, Cassius, over it, take a hit,
Passed up, upper-brassed, polished and dumped
Left in a bin, pressed together
Made a perfect cube, buy it, shit's fresh.

Threshold being reached of what is unimpeachably
Unreachable, a peach daiquiri in a beach home
A dance party built to be done in one go
Hung low, so low he could not limbo
But his hair was long enough that he could braid though
I’m rapping in my underwear, fun to wear, you can stare
Do they hide my thunder adequately?
Emphatically, I must say, all day every day
Hey, hey... I’m starting to run out of lyrics
This verse can’t end prematurely, can you even hear me?
I... bleh.